Because we are passionate about three things… real estate, great design and inspiring others.

Because everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and we believe in thinking differently.


We acquire, fund, enhance, develop, brand, market and sell residential and commercial real estate as principles or on behalf of private clients.

We source real estate opportunities that excite us and have enhancement potential.

We ensure our portfolio is diverse incorporating brownfield and greenbelt sites, operational and redundant commercial buildings, private residential property and single one-off residences.

We are very flexible in the manner in which we invest and can incorporate virtually any structure.

We take a holistic approach to deriving value from real estate and we exploit the potential of every aspect of real estate acquisition and enhancement. 

We navigate our way through complex transactions and enhancement strategies, and establish strong working relationships which we nurture over many years with real estate owners, private high net worth individuals and organisations, professional consultants and public bodies.

We work with a wide range of real estate experts, joint venture partners and clients who are like minded, equally passionate and who share our beliefs.

We ensure our projects encapsulate intelligent architecture with integrity and authentic bold branding strategies.


Founded by Antoine Christoforou. A real estate and design obsessive, with a career that spans over 20 years acquiring, developing and selling real estate across London and surrounding counties. 

We are made up of a highly experienced group of individuals from wide ranging backgrounds in real estate, design, finance and business. 

We love what we do. Hence why together we have won multiple industry awards including UK Property, What House, International Design & Architecture and Sunday Times British Home.


We add value.